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takeaway MENU
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from the cafe 
01179 635 796 9AM-4pm*
please call to place an order
or just pop into the CAFE! 
*3pm not 4pm on SUNDays during lockdown

menu also available for home delivery on uber eats!!


three bean chilli nachos - £8  (v)

tortilla chips layered with a generous portion of homemade three bean chilli & melted local Lye Cross Farm cheddar served with sour cream, avocado spread & garnished with fresh coriander

Add chorizo for £1.50

hashes (v) and (vgn) options available (can all be gf)

‘breakfast’ hash - £7.50

A one pan dish of butcher’s sausage meat, chopped streaky bacon, sautéed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and a poached egg cooked altogether with paprika, garlic and a hint of chilli served on a slice of buttered crusty white toast garnished with chives)


Add chorizo for £1.50


black bean & Chipotle hash - £7 (v)

A one pan dish of black beans, mushrooms, sautéed potatoes, fresh tomato pulp, chipotle and a poached egg cooked altogether with garlic and coriander served on a slice of chargrilled Sourdough toast and a side of avocado spread


Add chorizo for £1.50


Vegan Black bean & chipotle Hash - £6.50 (vgn)

Same as above just without the egg!

toasts (can all be gf)

poached eggs & bacon toast - £6.50 

two rashers of unsmoked back bacon & two poached eggs served with chives on buttered sourdough toast 


Add tomato or brown sauce when ordering!

Avocado & poached eggs toast - £6.50 (v)

Avocado spread & two poached eggs, served with coriander on chargrilled Sourdough toast, with mixed leaves.


Add bacon for £1.50

chorizo, Avocado & poached egg toast - £6.70 (v)

chorizo, Avocado spread & a poached egg, served with coriander on chargrilled Sourdough toast, with mixed leaves.


Sourdough toasties (v) and (vgn) options available


A club sandwich of Chipotle marinated chicken BREAST, chorizo, avocado spread, lime, mayo & fresh coriander on TOASTED artisaN WHITE sourdough served with sautEED potatoes

Ham, salami and hazelnut pesto - £6

Wiltshire ham, spicy salami, mozzarella & homemade hazelnut pesto on artisan sourdough served with sautéed potatoes & mixed leaves.


Ham & LYE CROSS FARM cheddar - £6

Wiltshire ham & Lye Cross Farm cheddar with/without wholegrain mustard on artisan sourdough served with sautéed potatoes & mixed leaves.


Sausage meat cooked in a tomato ragu, fresh basil, parmesan & a hint of fennel on artisan sourdough served with sautéed potatoes & mixed leaves.

LYE CROSS FARM cheddar and tomato - £6 (v)

Lye Cross Farm cheddar and tomato on artisan sourdough served with sautéed potatoes & mixed leaves.


Mixed pepper and goats cheese - £6 (v)

Chargrilled mixed peppers & goats cheese with homemade sun dried tomato paste & fresh coriander on artisan sourdough served with sautéed potatoes & mixed leaves.


The Caprese - £6 (v)

Baby plum tomatoes, homemade hazelnut pesto, aged balsamic, mozzarella & fresh basil on artisan sourdough served with sautéed potatoes & mixed leaves.


Chargrilled veg, sundried tomato and olive - £6 (v) (vgn)

Chargrilled peppers, sundried tomatoes, homemade sun dried tomato paste, black olives & fresh basil on artisan sourdough served with sautéed potatoes & mixed leaves.



salad boxes-AVAILABLE FROM 11AM (v) (vgn) and (gf) options available



Homemade falafels and houmous - £3 (v) (vgn) (available from Wednesday during lockdown)

3 large homemade falafels served with a traditional homemade houmous and mixed leaves -ADD TO A SALAD BOX OR ENJOY AS A SNACK ON ITS OWN...  

Chicken & chorizo Chipotle salad - £7 (gf)                                

Chargrilled chicken, chorizo, chipotle butterbean & sweet corn salad, chargrilled peppers served with avocado spread & mixed leaves.


halloumi salad - £6.50 (V) (gf)                                

Pan fried halloumi, lemon, basil & chilli marinated chickpeas & RAW BEETROOT AND CARROT salad served with cucumber & mixed leaves.


the toast room salad box - £6 (v) (vgn) (gf)                                                 

request vegetarian or vegan

a mixed selection of our freshly made salads 

Served with cucumber & mixed leaves

Please state if you do not want a particular salad item to be included                

Add houmous for 50p  (vgn) (v) (gf) 


the standard salad box - £4 (v)

choose 3 of our salads served with mixed leaves-perfect as a snack or to pair with falafels and houmous!

choose from the salad items below:

-chipotle butterbean & sweet corn salad (vgn) (v) (gf) 

-marinated chickpea salad with basil, lemon & chilli (vgn) (v) (gf) 

-mixed olives with sundried tomatoes and garlic (vgn) (v) (gf) 

-chargrilled mixed peppers (vgn) (v) (gf) 

-ASIAN SLAW (vgn) (v) (gf) 


-classic potato salad with chives and a hint of mustard (v) (gf)  


Add houmous for 50p  (vgn) (v) (gf) 



Fresh juice - £2 (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE)

Glass of fresh orange juice (smooth)                  

Glass of fresh cloudy apple juice            


Canned drinks (33oml)

Coca cola/diet coke - £1.60                          

San pellegrino - £1.60 (limonata/ limone & mint/ blood orange) 

Cawston press - £1.60 (elderflower lemonade/ apple & rhubarb/ ginger beer)            



Extract Organic Speciality Coffee

Locally roasted & ethically sourced BY Local Artisan roasters Extract

Espresso (SINGLE OR DOUBLE SHOT) £1.90

Americano 12OZ - £2.20

Flat white 8OZ - £2.40

Cappuccino 12OZ - £2.70

Latte 12OZ £2.70

hot chocolate 12OZ - £2.90

CHAI LATTE 12OZ - £2.90

Mocha 12OZ £3.00





Also available at no extra charge-

skimmed milk & dairy alternatives Oat/Soya/Almond


Extract Whole-leaf tea

Ethically sourced, pICKED & processed by hand - Extract source exceptional quality LOOSE LEAF tea


Black tea (ALL ARE available by the cup FOR TAKEAEWAY with 100% biodegradable pyramid teabag)

Organic Breakfast tea 12OZ - £1.90                                                                                             

Decaf Breakfast tea 12OZ - £1.90                                                           

Organic Earl Grey 12OZ - £1.90                                                                                        


here at the toast room, we are passionate about sourcing our ingredients within a 50 mile radius where possible..... HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF OUR lovely local SUPPLIERS

We are passionate about good coffee so needed to find a supplier that could offer that bit extra! Our coffee, artisan loose leaf tea and amazing luxury hot chocolate is from Extract Coffee Roasters- a Bristol based roastery, specialising in ethically sourced, speciality grade artisan coffee & loose leaf tea-Started from a garden shed, Extract are known for their love of all things coffee & using vintage hand restored drum roasters.


Our fantastic sourdough is from THe Bristol loaf- made using organic Shipton mill flour and traditional slow fermentation methods-we think it really is the best sourdough in bristol! (As the coeliacs amongst you will know a separate bakery is required to produce gluten free bread, so this is sourced separately)


THE ARTISAN PASTRIES THAT WE SELL (WHICH ALSO HAPPEN TO BE VEGAN, THOUGH YOU WOULDN'T KNOW!) ARE FROM FOREST BAKERYALSO made using organic Shipton mill flour, this husband & wife team Jimmy & sarah create beautiful artisan pastries for cafes & even home delivery!


OUR indulgent mature cheddar is straight from LYE CROSS FARM-a family farm located near Bristol airport, this cheddar is award winning & packed full of flavour


All of our delicious milk is from Bruton DAIRY, Somerset- where they only use unhomogenised milk AND TRADITIONAL PROCESSES

Don't worry all of our eggs are of course, always free range, LION STAMPED and sourced only from Gloucestershire 


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